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Fractional Domain Name Ownership with DAO Tokens


Own Your Passion Through .Com Domain Names as DAO Tokens

Domain names are the original digital assets native to the Internet, and premium .com domain names with meaning and marketability are very expensive and scarce.  Now you can own a piece of your passion and proudly stake your claim online!  Each domain will be it's own DAO, or Digital Autonomous Organization, and token holders will receive voting rights and profit sharing.

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Your Passion, Your Domain

We all have a passion, and owning a piece of that passion online is getting easier with the help of  Smart contracts and blockchain technology allow for multiple investors to own and profit from the same domain names like stocks.

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As the saying goes, dogs are "man's best friend".  There are very few things people love in the world more than their dogs.  From Labradors to Dobermans, you can own a piece of their digital footprint!  View All Pets

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are the ultimate symbol of elegance, prestige, matrimony, and passion.  Although diamond rings are extremely expensive products, you can fractionally own the digital real estate online!  View All Jewelry

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Sports are part of almost everyone's life as a child, and many continue to share this passion for sport for the rest of their lives.  Stake your online claim to football, baseball, basketball, and more!  View All Sports

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